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Infinity Squared is an album that did not go as I expected. The goal was to write a bunch of music for piano and violin and I would record them both live. Turns out I can't keep time very well even with a metronome. A slightly bigger problem: I did not have the technology to record a violin in a way that sounded good. I probably didn't sound that great to begin with, but I could hear every scratch and movement with the microphone I had.

So nope. No more violin! No more live playback!

The album became all-piano where the original violin melody lines were replaced by...you guessed it! Piano! Everything was recorded using virtual instruments (although it was all played by me). Nearly all the tracks were written with very harmonious chords. I planned out the sheet music in advance (with the wonderful software Musescore and transferred things over to GarageBand, in which I had very little experience. These songs certainly aren't the "best" sounding compared to most professional recordings but I consider them a great step in the learning process. I am incredibly proud of this album and everything I've learned because of it. I consider this my entry into the music industry and even though the songs aren't mastered (I didn't even know what that meant at the time), don't use a high quality piano, and are a little too strict on the beat, I gained a ton of knowledge on how to record and publish music.

The album name is inspired by something I enjoy quite a bit: math. Yep, I'm one of those people who enjoys math. I mean, some of the math-y things that exist out there are wayyyy over my head but there are a lot that I love. You'll find a few math references on this album, notably the name. Can you actually square infinity? Not really...but you can count past infinity!

The album art was created by me. I splattered paint onto a white page and then inverted the colors to get the final art.