Ian Curtis

About the Track

Believe me when I say I struggled with what to name this track. It went through a lot of name changes:

  • To Lindsey (as in Lindsey Stirling who has been an inspiration since the beginning because of, you know, the old violin plan that didn't go through)
  • When All Seems Lost (this name got transferred to a different track)
  • To A Lost Soul
  • Lost, But Now Found (Apparently I was in a "lost" mood?)
  • Peaceful Rain (not sure where this came from but I have a bunch of files named this)
  • Never Ever Give Up

None of these seemed to stick. So I followed the advice of that last name: I never gave up and I kept thinking, landing on my favorite French word, inoubliable, meaning unforgettable.

This was the first track I ever completed. I am very fond of this one (espeically because it uses my favorite chord progression, the trusty Four Chord Power Sequence). Not only that but I managed to pull off a 6/8 time signature AND I came up with the melody all by myself just by messing around on the piano.