Ian Curtis


Yep, I make music, too! (And a new track is out now!)

(Looking for my academic pages? Try starting with my CV.)

Music is a huge passion of mine. Listening, playing, writing, recording, you name it, I enjoy it. I know that some of the pieces I create are not top quality. I know that I am not a professional. But I love learning and with music, you can never stop learning.

The music below all represents my journey as an artist. At the beginning, I never thought I would publish my playing online. I knew I wasn't THAT good nor did I have the right equipment, so I started with electronic music. Then I got some guts and put out some instrumental piano. Then I started to learn more about music production, bought some fun toys, and focused on the technology.

Every stage in the process brought me more confidence and more desire to learn. I keep absorbing more information as I go forward and each new album or single contains something new.

So please, don't take my music individually. Think of it as that learning process. Hopefully as you listen you will be able to hear how I have grown musically. While I will probably always admit that most of my early music is mediocre at best, I will never undermine its importance in developing the more recent music.

To learn more about my music, click on any of the album art below or check out my artist pages on various streaming platforms (also found on this page or on individual pages).

Note: You may find tracks other than these on my profile on certain streaming platforms. If the track is not listed here, it is not mine and got mixed up with other artists with the same name. I am working to get my music separated.

Want to have a listen to my music? Check out the platforms below!

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