Ian Curtis

Ian A. Curtis

Aspiring Data Scientist

bitmoji photo of me and a dog wearing sunglasses

Hey There! ✌

Welcome to my site.

Me, being Ian Curtis, of course. I am currently a student at Grand Valley State University, but you can consider me an aspiring data scientist. If that doesn't work for you, try music enthusiast, fun-sock collector, or semi-professional dog walker.

Speaking of dogs, if you're here to see more dog pictures, see the Sadie Rose page. If not, well, feel free to hop around. Headings are provided at the top but I'll put some links down here.

Where you go next will depend on what you are interested in the most. Need a little bit about me? Check out the about page. Maybe you want to jump right into more detailed information on my work and projects. If so, then the CV page is for you. Maybe you don't want any of that and want to explore some of the music I've created and released. If that's the case, take a trip to the Music page.

Banner photo courtesy of Kendra Stanley-Mills/GVSU University Communications.

Real-life photo of my and my dog wearing sunglasses