Ian Curtis

About the Track

I loved Autumn as soon as I made the first few bars. It uses what I now call the Four Chord Power Sequence: A minor, F, C, and G. I'm sure there's a better name for that progression but I like my name better. Other possible names might be Pop Song Formula or the If-You-Want-A-90%-Chance-Someone-Will-Like-Your-Song-Use-This Progression.This was the first original song I ever started (even before When All Seems Lost) but not the first finished. Those honors go to Inoubliable.

I did not have a track name when I started writing this; instead, I let whatever music I made direct the name. Didn't take long for this name to pop up. It sounds like a picturesque, idealistic walk through the perfect fall forest. All the leaves are turning red, yellow, and orange. A small breeze brings in crisp fall smells. The sun peeks through the leaves. Apple cider and donuts wait at home. If I had enough time, energy, and money to make a music video, this would probably be the first one.