Ian Curtis

About the Track

Funnily enough, this track was born from an assignment from one of my college classes. COVID-19 shut down my state in March 2020 causing all of my courses to go online. At the time, I had an art history course and our professor asked us to create our own pieces of art (and we had to use the terms we learned in class to describe it). One of my pieces of art was this track.

I hadn't written any piano tracks in a while since Subliminal Affection focused on vocals. Since I didn't have much time to write lyrics and record and edit vocals, I went back to my roots with a piano solo. I really spent some time composing this one as I wanted it to represent my view of COVID up to that point and also be inspirational.

I'm really happy with the results. I broke the song into 8 sections, most of which are pretty noticable in the music:

  1. First cases in China
  2. Countries neighboring China become infected
  3. First cases in U.S.
  4. First cases in Europe
  5. Cases rise rapidly in Italy
  6. Cases spread throughout the world
  7. We mourn those who have passed
  8. We hope and pray/united we will overcome

United we stand, never will we fall.

The album art was modified from an image by The New York Public Library on Unsplash.