Ian Curtis


For those looking to find some more details on what I've done professionally, see below. If you'd prefer to see them in a different format, you might be interested in my LinkedIn profile.


In 2023, I graduated summa cum laude from Grand Valley State University (Allendale, MI) with a major in Statistics and French as well as a minor in Mathematics and Psychology. Beyond college, I also have a Python Developer Certificate from Zero to Mastery Academy (2021) and a high school diploma from Grandville High School (2019). I now am studying Data Science & Analytics and plan to graduate with a Master's degree in 2025.

Professional Experience

I currently work full time at ALDI, U.S., where I have been since 2019. I also work part time for the GVSU Libraries' Open Educational Resources (OER) department (since 2021) as an editorial assistant promoting OER and converting existing textbooks to accessible online editions (using PreTeXt and Pressbooks). I also work under GVSU professor Bradford Dykes as a Graduate Assistant.

Community Experience

During my undergraduate education, I served as the President of the GVSU French Club, Les Francophiles (2020-2023). I was also a member of the GVSU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences's Student Advisory Committee. Outside of school, I currently lead a recycling program at my local ALDI store and hope to propose a nationwide recycling program.

Research Experience

At GVSU, I participated in three research programs: Library Summer Scholars (Humanities, mentor: Amber Dierking), Student Summer Scholars (Humanities, mentor: Dr. David Eick), and Undergraduate Reserach Assistant (Humanities, under Dr. David Eick). I also conducted an original project for my Honors Senior Project (Computer Science, mentor: Dr. Erin Carrier). You may read more about these projects in the section titled Projects and Publications.

Publications and Projects

I have published several pieces on the French Encyclopédie: An annotated bibliography, a website housing select scholary sources, an essay on plagiarism of the plates, and a collaboration with Drs. David Eick and Gretchen Galbraith on their RTTP game.

I also created a recommendation algorithm for Spotify users (with future research potential) and recently wrote an introduction to Git, GitHub, and the command line. For a final project for the Grand Valley graduate course on data mining (CIS 635) I performed an introductory exploratory analysis on predicting hit distance for MLB players. Finally, in the French capstone course, three classmates and I wrote an original French play after studying French theatre.


I have presented my research at the GVSU Student Scholars Day, once with a recorded poster presentation (2020) and once with an in-person poster presentation (2021). I also gave a group oral presentation in 2023 based on the results of our project (2022 Michigan DNR survey data) from the statistics culminating experience course.

In 2022, I gave a presenation to the West Michigan R User Group on the R package `baseballr`. The files for that presentation can be found on my GitHub page and on a corresponding webpage. I was also featured on the podcast College Matters hosted by Venkat Raman where I discuss my time and experience at Grand Valley as well as my research projects.

Professional and Scholarly Associations

During my undergraduate education, I was a member of the GVSU Honors College. I am also a member of Phi Kappa Phi (active member 2021-2023), Pi Delta Phi (French Honor Society, inducted 2022), Mu Sigma Rho (Statistics Honor Society, inducted 2023) and Psi Chi (Psychology Honor Society, inducted 2023).


I am a native speaker of English and have a bachelor's degree in French (I consider myself around the Advanced level).

When it comes to programming languages, I have the most experience with Python, R, and PreTeXt but also know a decent amount of HTML, CSS, and LaTeX. With these latter three and a handful of other langauges / databases, I try to learn as I go.

Awards and Honors

I was the recipient of the I Am GV Service Award (2019); in 2022, the Excellence in a Discipline Award for French; and in 2023, the Excellence in a Discipline Award for Statistics, and the Outstanding French Major award. In addition, my 2021 summer reserach project was granted the Les and Jackie (Ott) Stiner Fellowship in Historical and Humanistic Studies and I received the title of Stiner Scholar.


In my free time, I usually am doing something related to music, whether it be composing, writing, recording, or playing an instrument. I can play piano and violin and have a few various instruments I am mediocre at. I was a member of the GVSU Symphony Orchestra (2019-2023) and was also a part of the symphony orchestra in high school.

Over the years I have written and recorded my own original songs. For more details see my music page.