Ian Curtis

About the Track

When All Seems Lost is a story of normal life and day-to-day struggles and hurdles as well as the more significant and impactful setbacks. It also serves as a reminder that no matter how deep the pit you are in, there is always some way to get yourself back to the top. You likely will come out of this journey different, changed in ways you couldn't have predicted, but you will make it out.

The song starts out upbeat and positive then suddenly things quiet down a bit and taper off; this is the part in life when something unexpected hits. Some of the tracks are off beat which seems to throw off the rhythm a bit. Slowly, however, the song picks back up and builds on itself to bring back the same theme from the beginning, yet slightly different.

I designed this song after we had to put my family's first dog down. He was a good boy. Not the best boy, especially later in life (and I have a scar to prove it!), but I was attached to him. Losing him affected me more than I thought it would. This song represents my (rather short) journey from "normal" to sorrow to melancholy and back to "normal" again.

When all seems lost, focus on what's to come and build yourself a support system to bring you back to be found.

The album art was modified from an image by Doug Walters on Unsplash.