Ian Curtis

Data Science and Statistics Projects

Note: my portfolio page (and subpages) are under construction. While they contain the information I aim for them to have at this time, the layout and style may change.

gvsu215 R Package


Maintainer, Author

Guidance: Dr. John Gabrosek, Dr. Andrew Dilernia, Dr. Bradford Dykes

A package written for introductory statistics students/learners providing an easy way to generate nice-looking plots and tables without focusing on the code used to create them. Hosted on GitHub.

Spotify Recommendation Algorithm



Mentor: Dr. Erin Carrier

A recommendation algorithm for Spotify users. Designed for future research uses by anyone. Hosted on GitHub.

Predicting MLB Hit Distance



Professor: Alexander Lalejini

A course project testing various methods to predict the hit distance of a batted ball. The code can be found on GitHub and the report is hosted here.

baseballr R Package Presentation



Presentation given to the West Michigan R User Group introducing the baseballr package. The code can be found on GitHub and the report is hosted here.

Analysis of Personal Baseball Card Collection


Author, Maintainer

A personal project dedicated to counting and analyzing my personal baseball card collection. The GitHub repository contains the raw card data as well as development code for a Shiny App.