Ian Curtis

A Little About Me

In April 2023, I graduated summa cum laude from Grand Valley State University with a bachelor's degree in Statistics and French (minor in Mathematics and Psychology). I am now pursuing a Master's degree in Data Science & Analytics, also at Grand Valley. This might seem like an odd combination. To that I say that I am interested in a great many diverse studies help me satiate my desire to learn more. I suck up information like a black hole because information is cool and also gives me the ability to spit out random facts at any given moment.

I have taken part in multiple research projects, notably in the Student Summer Scholars program where I wrote my own analysis of the French Encyclopédie titled Plagiarism of the Plates? The Validity of Accusations Against Diderot's Encyclopédie (1751-1772) and in an Honors Senior Project where I coded a recommendation algorithm for Spotify users, designed to be used in anyone's future research projects (The Quest for New Music: A Recommendation Algorithm for Spotify Users). I have also written a mini-book titled Better Git Started: An Introduction to the Command Line, GitHub, and Git, perfect for those who want to begin using Git and GitHub but who are unsure how to start. I am currently working on constructing a package in R designed for introductory statistics students at GVSU focusing on generating pretty output (which allows students to focus on the concepts, not the coding). Professionally, I work full time as an Assistant Store Manager at Aldi and part time as a Graduate Assistant to Dr. Bradford Dykes, Statistics.

Outside of school and work, I enjoy reading (I'm currently reading Harry Potter et le prisonnier d'Azkaban by J.K. Rowling), walking my dog, and everything music (listening, recording, writing, publishing, playing instruments, etc.). I can play piano and violin well but I am mediocre at ukulele, mandolin, kalimba, and harmonica. I also collect fun-printed socks, baseball cards, and CDs. Oh, and I like Sims, Minecraft, and Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls V). I should also note that, as far as I'm aware, I am not related to or associated with Ian Curtis, the late singer of Joy Division.

This website is coded and styled by me. As I learn more about HTML and CSS, the structure and look of this site may change over time, especially in order to make things more accessible to all users on all devices. For more on accessibility, read my Accessibility Statement.

At this point, I'd like to direct you to various specifics about me and my work. For more information on my professional experience, check out my CV page. For more on my music and the tracks I've released, head over to my music page. You may also be interested in my GitHub page or my LinkedIn profile.

Banner photo courtesy of Kendra Stanley-Mills/GVSU University Communications.

Photo of me in dress clothes