Ian Curtis

Other Projects and Resources

Note: my portfolio page (and subpages) are under construction. While they contain the information I aim for them to have at this time, the layout and style may change.

Personal Website


Designer, Creator

Designed and coded my personal website. I try to keep it actively maintained and up to date.

Better Git Started



A introductory guide to the command line (terminal), GitHub, and Git both when working solo and in a group. Written in PreTeXt.

PreTeXt Introductory Video Series


Mentor: Matt Ruen

A YouTube video series detailing the PreTeXt markup language and the services / software necessary to use it. Series has been recorded and is in the process of being uploaded.

PreTeXt Textbook Conversions


Mentor: Matt Ruen

Converted existing textbooks written in LaTeX into more accessible and web friendly PreTeXt versions. See the GVSU ScholarWorks page which contains many open textbooks (some of which have PreTeXt editions).

Alma Matters Podcast Feature

A small red pennant depciting the Alma Matters logo


Featured Guest

A podcast episode where I discuss my undergraduate research experience and offer advice for other rising researchers.