Ian Curtis

French Portfolio

Note: my portfolio page (and subpages) are under construction. While they contain the information I aim for them to have at this time, the layout and style may change.

Reacting To The Past (RTTP)



Primary Authors: Dr. David Eick and Dr. Gretchen Galbraith

Provided grammatical suggestions and wrote role sheets for Pierre Patte and Élie Fréron, incorporating a major historical scandal regarding an acusation of plagiarism regarding the plates of the Encyclopédie (1751-1772). Role-play game is under review for publication.

Scholarly Encyclopédie Sources

Book silhouette containing the letters SES


Primary Creator

Mentor: Amber Dierking

An annotated bibliography turned searchable collection of scholarly resources regarding the French Encyclopédie (1751-1772).

Student Summer Scholars (Paper + Presentation)

2021, 2024

Author, Presenter

Mentor: Dr. David Eick

A review and analysis of an accusation of plagiarism by Pierre Patte against the plates of the French Encyclopédie. Presented in 2024 at the Southeastern American Society For Eighteenth Century Studies conference.

Toute une montagne d'affaires louches



Mentor: Dr. Anne Caillaud

An original play written in French as part of the Grand Valley State University French major capstone course. Co-playwrights Isabelle Hoffman, Aidan Bullock, and Katie VanOort.