Ian Curtis

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The chorus came to me quite suddenly and I quickly formed the rest of the lyrics. I nearly scratched this one because it seems too cheesy and too idealistic. It also isn't even about anyone (hence the generic title). I ended up keeping it because of the sublminal affection theme. It is possible to have affection towards people you haven't even met. Every time you hold the door for someone, recycle, or vote, you are showing your sublminal affection. You are not alone in this world and every action has its consequences. Clearly, this song isn't as profound as the ultimate goal behind it but I hope we can keep caring for others.

(I also wanted to keep it because it has a cool time signature change when the chorus hits. Which I did on accident.)


I went downtown to see what I could see
And what I found was the best there could be
I was looking around and I saw you there
And I knew right then you were the best thing in my life

How did I know that you would be mine
At that very moment I looked into your eyes
What makes me complete is you and your love
And how there is passion in everything you do

My vision blurred and I almost lost my balance
My heart started racing as I walked closer
You stared at me as I made my way to you
With that beautiful smile that you do

I know now what makes you so great
The way you learn from every mistake
And how your face shines when I come home each day
And how your hugs make my fears go away

Falling in love took no time
'Cause I am yours and you are mine

I know now what makes you so great
The way you learn from every mistake
What makes me complete is having you in my life
Know forever and always I will love you